Beyonce’s PR Scheme

SURPRISE! Beyoncé now has a H&M campaign (rumor has it that the first time she wore H&M was when the photo shoot took place–DUH).

Beyonce just lounging around in H&M

Beyoncé just lounging around in H&M clothing

Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Beyoncé. If I could be anyone besides myself, I would want to be either Beyoncé or Kate Middleton, both royalty in their own right. BUT, has anyone else noticed how she just cleverly jumped right back into the spotlight after having a baby?! No? Then let me create this timeline for you.

January 21st, 2013– Beyoncé sings the National Anthem during the Inauguration. In case you don’t care about those things (help yourself) I included a video below.

January 22, 2013- People are already speculating that Beyoncé lip synced the National Anthem. GASP!

January 31, 2013– Beyoncé addresses claims that she lip synced, but not before making everyone stand and singing it in “real-time” before anyone could ask questions. Take that. In case you missed that as well, a video is below.

As if that was not enough, Beyoncé also announces that she will be the performing at the Super Bowl

February 3rd, 2013– Beyoncé performs at the Super Bowl WITH the other members of Destiny’s Child. That definitely got some attention due to the fact that the group had not sang together in quite some time. Performance below:

Then the power goes out and she is blamed for that. Can a girl catch a break?

February 4, 2013– After a rockin’ performance that everyone was talking about, she wasted no time announcing dates for a World Tour! Of course everyone was so excited because who wouldn’t want to go and see someone who just nailed a usually horrible Super Bowl Halftime!?

February 5,2013– As if lip syncing at the inauguration, performing flawlessly at the Super Bowl, AND announcing a world tour was not enough, Beyoncé’s publicist wanted a few minutes of fame as well. When some unflattering pictures of Beyoncé emerged, Yvette, her publicist, wasted no time trying to get them taken down.

If this is the worst Beyonce has ever looked, she lives a very blessed life!

If this is the worst Beyoncé has ever looked, she lives a very blessed life!

Yvette's email requesting pictures be removed.

Yvette’s email requesting pictures be removed.

February 16, 2013– HBO airs Beyonce’s personal documentary “Life is But a Dream”. The documentary shows parts of her private life and raw video of her flashy performances. Perfect timing to see a glimpse into her life before you buy tickets for her tour!

And now after all of that, Beyoncé has an H&M campaign. Sounds like this may have been a little PR scheme (a VERY brilliant one) to me. What do you think?

Duly Noted, Diva.


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